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Kelly’s works, (at the time,) four books and a poetry anthology, are uniquely connected to Montreal. Lloyd was first inspired to write poetry during a hectic drive down Sherbrooke Street, which inspired, “Welcome to Montreal,” a poem that describes the chaos and confusion that can arise on streets and highways throughout the city. Written by Karan Kumar on November 27, 2018.

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Find E Lloyd Kelly here. Authors Reading Their Work Come In Varied Forms, This Is E Lloyd Kelly, author, and poet, who has made his home here. First, we think about it, then we ink it, next we talk it up or talk about it, and if we feel like it, we do all of the above. Sit, go sit down now, and listen. With love from me, E K the Writing-elk, to you, my friends. I'm at, elkthepoet@gmail.com. Connections, https://linktr.ee/writingelk
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E Lloyd Kelly (The poet)

E Lloyd Kelly (The poet)


E Lloyd Kelly is an Author, poet, and blogger. Born in Jamaica West Indies to Raglan and Alma Kelly. Now resides in Montreal, Quebec, where (when not writing) he drives a shuttle bus between campuses at McGill University. Other work by E Lloyd Kelly? Find these and more on the Author’s page at Amazon.com/author/elloydkelly or here: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01G7NYWL6

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Start listening to How does it feels being alone in Kingsley's den? Ch. 10, & #ep017 of the story,
Start listening to How does it feels being alone in Kingsley's den? Ch. 10, & #ep017 of the story,