Clemson was smarter, Well, I’d say so, here’s why.

Clemson was smarter, that’s right! That’s right. If you ask me. Smarter than them in every way, Well, I’d say so, here’s why.

At the beginning point in the charter. Clem was the smarter, he

would have known that he doesn't fight well with fat, and likes to stand up firmly on his flat, well, to tell you the truth. He doesn’t like it when he had was to fight on the water boot either.


Listen to this episode on the podcast. But he was eager because, he also knew what they were after, and since they had come that far, he was sure that they were not going to turn around and part off of the walk-pass, without even so much as a chat and a haughty laugh with them, with us, with you even, on the Larried bus my friends.

So, he would have known how to let them go easy or to let them come in hard into larries boneyard. Come right on in, he would have beckoned to him. He was to choose the “in” you know!

Now, come on in a bit closer to me. So said he. Come on in Mister King, Mister Kingsley King, well, not really the king himself at that time, they were really his loyal men, and then later on in. Kingsley was to take the invite and come over too. And…

He was dripping hard and wetting with the wiping, which was soon tattered with various coloring, look at the pores, oh, the poor thing.

That was when, yeah, that was when it would have happened. They would have roped him in. And dragged him, and then bagged him.

They had wanted to flog him but, some tender-hearted someone would have begged for him, so they would have washed him instead, and fed him, and then went out and about to bed him.

But not before he was entertained and got himself stained with the remains of his drain, as in, draining the drainage piping down the mane, and out again came more draining, from around the bend.

He was dripping hard and wetting with the wiping, which was soon tattered with various coloring, look at the pores, oh, the poor thing.

The rain was falling, just like water it was pouring from his pores, and from farther, water was pouring yes, showing up the right side of him. And all of the mess. And then.

Then came the sobering up of the brain, and right away, they would have been back at it, you know, back at the game, playing it again.

Well, it was theirs, not ours, not our game but theirs squares sugar cane game was the name, that game. And as for them, as for those larried men, they have not seen such a soldier called sober again since. Or have they?

Before he could have chased them away though, those squares would have started noticing the latter end of them, those larried men.

He calls them friend, yeah, that would be both of them, both Clem and Elezar. And he was to make leagues with them. Invitations were to get sent next. Got sent out to get visits from the visitors and the reverse would be the next verse.

He never did bargain for what was about to befall him at all, and them all in, as he was to recall in, well, not him, he would have been gone by then, like, at the end of the ending.

Gone to the hurt of his fallen, and calling, via the spirits, his dearly departed spirit was calling them to attention from behind the other dimension even, but no one seemed to be listening.

They became really close you know, too close for the comfort with which Clem was comforted on the way to go. Until the truth of Kingsley’s boot was to walk the route and all that once belonged to Clem was to become Kingsley’s loots.

Clem’s advice to his young son while walking the slow path home, lying on the dead-end bed, with his head down near the crooks of his arm, his advice to him was. Don't take crap from people.

Not even for once, the minute they find out that you are that person who will take it in on the vehicle. Going down to the marketplace.

That will be all that will be coming at you in the thereafter kit case. Now, will he? Will the young king remember him enough to heed the warning? Good night, and good morning. Depending on where you are reading this storming…

Kingsley would have sat himself down in his cabin far out of town, all wrapped up thin in his favorite house gown. And there began he on the doggy hound, to a world unknown, here I come.

If I want to claim the land, I must first be sure to have a plan. And then another one. And just stick and hide them somewhere there in the pillar case. Just in case.

Can't just go in and slaughter them all to waste, take everything which belongs to them and to their taste, and then turn around and leave again?

Well, yes. I could you know! I've done it many times before, but not on such massive door, and surely, not on one single score, no.

I know just what I shall do. Those Lars won't know what hits you, and them too. So he did what he did. And all of his doing is happening still. Even now. Wow. …

Once upon another very long time, he would have looked up and

out over the hairless heads of his godly spread and was to find that he as well as all of his kinds, had fallen far behind, again. Way too far, as a matter of fact.

He too, just like all of the other Lars, had again fallen far behind the cars. No, there was no such thing as a car anywhere around those parts at that point in. it was the times of the carts gone carting.

So, he knew right there and then that he would have had to get up and get moving, had was to go out and spend the necessary time and the overtime if he was to catch up in line with the rest of mankind.

He Would have ended up making leagues with this young Kingsley after they would have taken to crowning him king, his wrong call is about to come calling.

But never mind, he has got the time, Kingsley is in no hurry to begin to make him worry, that is not how Kingsley kings roll, unlike how things are with you, and him, and them! He, Kingsley has got much timing in his soul.

The beginning of the ending.

The young King was carefree, and he was also careless until he was scared stiff. That was when fear left and popped comes the spiff from out of the splits there in the halfway zip of his tunics, and it would have been spewing ash unto the blue vest.

And all of this would have been seen by some of them that were there with him. That was a day of great trouble, Kingsley's knees were to wobble.

Or so it would have seemed to those others who were there with him, and writing the texts. That would have been when he was to take a peep in and would have picked up the booked bookings of the ancient family recipe for cooking.

For another chance at a look-up of the reading. Need to have another look at the pleading, and at the plan which he was sure that he was going to be needing, shortly.

The Kingsley Kings, unlike how it is with the other ones. Kingsley has got to be very well informed and secure in the knowledge store while kneading away at the stories which were stored away there in the ancient storybooks, those which were handed down from way back then.

From in the days of glories, you know, like, like from even before those times when the old man -his old man, was his friend, and would have been reigning there upon the throne as king, and would have begun to work on the plan to claim everything, for him and for his kingdom.

It was the ambition of the ancestors for many generations. And this time was to be his time, to get it done. And damned was to be the man in the plan.

Especially those of the larried circular clan, and all of those other people too, who was with him, the Larry people under his command and under his skin, the whole entire Larried region, even.

And the young king would have wanted to know him now, you know, to know his old man, and to ask of him, where are we supposed to go and plow?

What should be the question which needs to be getting the answering from this point in and on, and going forward, as it pertains to those things which are worth knowing?

And that's when it would have happened. And then came… What! What happened? The bust, that’s what.

Start listening to How does it feels being alone in Kingsley's den? Ch. 10, & #ep017 of the story,
Start listening to How does it feels being alone in Kingsley's den? Ch. 10, & #ep017 of the story,