Why Is Lying Wrong, or Is It?

We're living in an age when lies, half-truths, fake news, and misspeaking has become the-order-of-the-day. Is lying wrong, is it wrong to call a liar a liar?

What if lying was a thing? Like, a golden strategy, for instance, or a tool? Could liars use it to their benefits, against fools? What if liars want you to believe them and in them, and everything that they tell you?

What if liars want you to believe that truth is the right way to go? When they know full well that lying is a better show, or in reality, the only way to go? But they want you to believe the opposite is true, that there's a virtue in truth, that to trust in truth is the way to go?

What is it that liars Want you to tell them? Like, when they say to you: speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but? What if liars want you to tell them everything, including the truth all the time and let them tell all the lies? For you even.

But then again, we all know that that’s not how things work right –my friend? What if this was lying too? You know, that thing which you believe in, with everything in you, what if it was the product of a liar?

What if it was a lie that they’d told you when they told you that thing? The thing that you’re believing in even now? What if they're telling you lies now? What if liars were the actors who had acted in making things out to be so fine for you, when it was?

Because they knew all along what you never knew. Like, nothing. Like. Not knowing that lie is the guy. What if that fine thing which you have become was because of the lying which they have done, what if it has become way too fine for you and everyone else now, and is beginning to cause those actors some trouble?

What if the boogie man you're looking at now is the result of those said actors reacting to that fluke, the mishap that had happened, and are here acting again to correct the errors of their past? But then again…

What if after telling lies for a while, liars should discover that there's a virtue in lies? Just like how things are in love and war, for instance. Just for instance? Would it be okay to use it in those ways, in some circumstances?

Could this be wartime that we’re witnessing? Or love time for that matter, such sorts of love times, love times that could warrant the use of such methods? Just asking –my love. Love for people even. People that may or may not include you, and me?

What if it is love for themselves that causes them to act now, at the expense of all others, where would that leave you and me, my brother?  But how do you know when a liar is lying, anyway? Nephew has got the perfect answer to satisfy that and this, and it’s sitting right by him to say: “When their lips are moving”.

But I wouldn't take that with me to bed. It has got to have more substance, I’d said. More meat to the bone than that one, or those ones, to add up to however much more than you.

So I'll settle on the answer I took with me from home, the one that says: when one is caught speaking out of both sides of the mouth, but one message is diametrically opposed to the other. When you can call him out on the inconsistency of the matter and he goes right on to explain it away with yet another, you know, like, lie.

And continue doing this type of wrong all day long, and night time too. Until you wanna puke at all of his lies and half-truths. Things that you know to be the facts who walk those boots.

But what if every one of that man's friends and companions, were to rally behind him and sing the same backhanded song. Defending his sin and his inalienable right to do these things wrong?

Wouldn't the man mature into becoming a clan? With powerful clout to subdue the land? So as to establish a norm where to be right is to do wrong but with all conviction?

Just a few nonsensical questions to sling along. Then slide a bloody finger upon the bladed fan. Look out now, keep a watchful eye upon that one.                                                    …

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Start listening to How does it feels being alone in Kingsley's den? Ch. 10, & #ep017 of the story,
Start listening to How does it feels being alone in Kingsley's den? Ch. 10, & #ep017 of the story,