On the Job Training, the Gospel Way. #ep320.

13 minutes

What does on the job training mean, in the black Christian church? The backsliding book may have an answer for you. Excerpts from chapter seven of the "Backsliding" book: Seek and you shall find, a job among other things. As I’m writing love letters to my beloved brothers, and sisters too. Until next time, I remain your very best of a friend, E.K the-writingelk , and I’m out. Purchase a copy of the “Backsliding” book here. Use this Coupon Code: BREAKOUT01 when you pick up the Shi t Depot book, and save upward of 50%. Listen to the previous episode here. The next episode is here. Thanks for listening to the podcast. We'd love to learn a bit more about your experience with us. Give us your feedback. Note: We are now offering Free Shipping for a limited period when you order the "Shi t Depot book," from NOTION PRESS STORES from now to Jan. 31st. Plus the savings you get when you use this Coupon Code: "BREAKOUT01" 

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